25 Different Formats To Improve Your Business Systems and Processes


You know it’s important to have systems and processes in your business.

After all you won’t be able to scale without them.

Right now, the business is still heavily reliant on you. This is making it harder to keep on top of things and allocate time to focus on growth.

That’s why you’ve started taking time to write out procedures.

You’ve documented them in a manual and explained them to the staff. You’ve even placed them in a central location so everyone can have access to them.

The problem is, the staff seem to just ignore them and choose to do it their own way!

Sound familiar?

Often the issue is not the actual processes themselves, nor the staff.

It’s the way the information is presented.

People absorb information in different ways. Some of us are auditory learners and others are visual. Sometimes we learn better when information is chunked in easy to digest formats. Other times we may need more detail or an instructional video to follow.

If staff aren’t using your format, then it’s time to find a different way of presenting it.

Start small.

Choose one daily task or activity.

Observe your staff’s behaviour as they navigate their work using your system or process. Refrain from interfering, this is your time to watch and learn.

Then consult with your staff and ask them what worked and what didn’t. What did they feel would work better for them? Their feedback is crucial. Your job here is to make their life easier by creating a good, useable format to follow.

Their happiness will be your happiness.

Apply, test and revise.

Believe me, when you get this right, life as you know it will change for the better.

Your business will thrive, your staff will be more efficient and you’ll have a more of your time back.

Happy days.

All you have to do is ‘rinse and repeat’ this activity with other tasks in your business and soon you’ll have your business on autopilot!

25 Different Formats To Improve Your Business Systems and Processes

  • Step-by-step instructions
  • Checklists
  • Process maps and flowcharts
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    Escalation procedures
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    Hierarchical charts  e.g organisational charts and reporting structures
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    Screen recordings
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    Online E-learning tools
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    Intranet accessible by all staff
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    Educational and Instructional Videos
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  • arrow-right
    Run sheets
  • arrow-right
    Time tables
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  • arrow-right
    On-site safety and instructional signs
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    Online project management software e.g. tools like ASANA
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    Customer Relationship Management Software e.g Pipedrive
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    Job descriptions
  • arrow-right
    Performance Evaluations
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    Briefing templates e.g Marketing briefs or vendor briefs
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  • arrow-right
    Written guidelines
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    Worksheets and forms
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    Templates e.g for Budgets and Reporting or staff onboarding
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    Online communication and messaging tools e.g Slack
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    Calendars e.g Marketing calendars, rosters, team calendars

Remember, getting your systems and processes right not only makes your life easier but it adds enormous value to your business.

If your goal is to scale, then systems, processes and automation are essential. A great test is the ‘5 X demand rule’ - if your business suddenly had five times demand in the product or service you offer, would you have the capability to deliver it?

If your plan is to sell the business one day, then a systemised business is crucial - no acquirer wants a business that’s heavily reliant on the previous owner. This type of business is very difficult to transition.

Let’s face it, simply having a business that’s not reliant on you to show up every day means you get to focus on the things you want, whether that’s taking it to the next level or spending more time with your family and friends.   

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